Passiflora Syrup
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Sirupus Passiflorae Product List
Sirupus Passiflorae

Sedatiive remedy


Passiflora Syrup


Active components of Passiflora Syrup are:

Passiflora Herb /Herba Passiflorae/ – 15.0 g

Sorbit - 32.0 g

Sorbic acid – 0.15 g

Ethyl Spirit /Spiritus aethylicus/ 95% - 34.0 g

Distillated Water /aqua destillata/ - 100 ml


PHARMACOLOGICAL FEATURES:  Passiflora Syrup   acts as a sedative and can cause daytime drowsiness. Increases delay processes in cortical and subcortical  neurons in the brain, reduces reflectory excitation within central part of nervous system, prolongs somnolent  action of soporific drugs, and decreases activity of spontaneous activities


THERAPEUTIC  INDICATIONS: various forms of neuroses: vegetoneurosis; climacteric neurosis; agitation/excitation; phobia; tension


CONTRAINDICATION: Passiflora Syrup  is contraindicated in patients with increased sensitivity towards components of the medicine. Myocardial infarction (heart attack), stenocardia.


DOSAGE AND DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Passiflora Syrup  is swallowed per orally, for adults a dessert spoon two-three  times daily, before meal, daily dosage in of age 3-6 a half tea spoon once a day; and children of age 6-12 a tea spoon once a day.


PRESENTATION: 100 ml a tightly closed orange color glass or polyethylene  bottle. Each bottle is labeled.

SHELF LIFE:  2 years.


STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Store in a cool and dry place. Protect from light.


Prescription not required.


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