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Experimental-Industrial Base


Experimental-Industrial Base was founded in 1966. The base is managed by   T .Miminoshvili . Chemical Analysts: M. Khvedelidze, L. Vadachkoria; Technologists: M. Gvelesiani, D. Lagvilava, G. Bulbulashvili  Auxiliary Persons:  G. Khomasuridze, I. Gvarjaladze.


Experimental-Industrial Base processes and further develops substances and ready forms of the therapeutic medications, works out industrial regulations and normative-technical documents, allocates biologically active substances for chemical and pharmacological studies, produces medicines for clinical trials.


Experimental-Industrial Base uses local herbal raw material to produce the drugs, which explains their low cost, high competitiveness and high level sales.


Due to huge demand for original medicines of herbal origin, the drugs produced by Iovel Kutateladze Institute of Pharmacochemistry are registered not only within Georgia but abroad as well.


At present various pharmaceutical companies and enterprises show increasing interest in original drug forms. Demand for such drugs is already quite considerable and these kinds of medicines have already taken their place in the market.


Iovel Kutateladze Institute of Pharmacochemistry maintains its own distribution and realization system of therapeutic drugs together with its business-partners: JPC, Aversi, PSP, American Company “Kura Natural” and other companies that are interested in original medicines in Georgia and other countries.


Experimental-Industrial Base produces original drugs for wide consumption, namely: Caripazym, Flaronin, Colchicinum, Fatsifloginum, Rhodopes, Bentobolum, Psoranthron C, Ginko-Bathi, Tsarubol, Tribusponinum, Passiflora Syrup, Causuronum.

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